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Automotive Services

Locked out of your car or van? STOP. Don't break the glass or force the door - it could cost hundreds to repair!

Our skilled and fully equipped engineer is just a call away and will be in your car super quick with no damage or mess.

We are that confident in our work that if we cannot gain entry, we will not charge you a penny and with our no call out charge policy, what have you got to lose?

Once in the car, if your keys are lost or stolen, we can code read the lock and cut and program another key for you. If the keys are inside - you are on your way.

And don't worry about cash. We can accept all cards and even mobile bank transfer and our rates are the most competative around.

One call and you will know even before we set off to rescue you exactly how long we will be and what the cost is. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

High Security Vehicles

All vehicles are now very high security and specialist tools and knowledge are required to gain access. Good job you found us!

Transponder Chip Keys

These keys need very special attention. Beware cheap cloning and programming as this can damage the cars brain and cost a fortune. Ask our advice first.


Breaking a window or forcing a door costs hundreds in repairs and can leave you without a car for days while it is repaired


It would be a rare car indeed that we could not get into without any damage or mess.

Key Extraction

Key snapped in the lock? No problem. We can access the broken part and remove it without fuss or damage.

Emergency Boot Opening

The number one place to lock your keys in the car!! We will be in without damage in no time.

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