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  • Alan Hewitt

Car Key King, Advice and knowledge from a trusted, experienced and expert car locksmith

Updated: Oct 13

Welcome to the blog all about the bewildering world of car keys. In the coming weeks we will be discussing how car security has changed, and why. The nonsense written by people about tricks to unlock a car when you have locked your keys in. The way a professional lock smith opens a locked car. How we can make and program car keys even when all the keys have been lost. Sensible ways to make sure you never need to call a lock smith. How a car is more and more like a mobile computer and the tricks we use to program them even though the dealer wants the business himself, and much, much more.

We will try to answer any questions you may have about car electronics and electrical systems, car keys and immobilisers or anything else you may want, as well as pointing out some of the dangers for DIY mechanics and how to avoid them.

And all of this will be openly available and written by a very experienced car lock smith and auto electrician, so you can rest assured the advice is not only high quality, but is not there just to get facebook likes or attract attention.

If this sounds like an area you want to know more about, without the tricksters and bloggers who just cut and paste from others, then follow the blog and learn how it all works.

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